Cosplay Contest at KupoCon

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Cosplay Contest at KupoCon
« on: October 03, 2016, 03:54:22 PM »
The purpose of this post is to give you a general idea of what to expect at your regional KupoCon event. All the information provided in this topic is subject to change without warning.

What are the KupoCon Cosplay Awards?
We've teamed up with the Atlantic Award Group to present plaques to various cosplayers at the KupoCon events in 2017. 

How many awards will you present at an event?
The awards will be split into three categories. Individual, Group, and Nobleman (peoples choice).

Do you need to come as a group to be considered for the group category?
Yes. They need to be people you know and have chosen to attend the event with.

How will the Nobleman Award work?
Inspired by the FFIX nobles challenge and the XIV allagan currency; Upon arrival, you will receive a number of 'Tomestones of Masquerade'. This will act as a sort of currency. As you go about the event, If you see an cosplayer that you feel deserves to win the Nobleman award, simply give them your Tomestones. How many you give them is up to you. The individual with the most Tomestones by the end of the day will be declared the respected gold, silver and bronze winners. As a cosplayer, the attendees are your judges, so be sure to impress them!

How will attendees be judged?
A selection of senior KupoCon staff has been selected to panel these awards. There is no need to submit your name for the competition. As soon as you walk in the door, you are part of the contest. You will not be required to submit yourself for review, you'll simply be admired as you walk around the venue. However, all cosplayers will be encouraged to come to the stage to flaunt their creation in a special Cosplay Catwalk. This is a great opportunity to show the nobles (attendees) what you have to offer. The catwalk event is entirely optional but it's a great way to get noticed by the judges and the nobles (attendees).

Will non-Final Fantasy cosplays be considered for the awards?
Your cosplay has to appear in a Final Fantasy title to be eligible for consideration.

When are the awards presented?
The awards will be presented towards the end of the event (many hours after the catwalk).
Please check your event schedule for specific details.

Cosplayers are encouraged to read the event guidelines before attending the event.

Remember, for skits and acting, we have the Tantalus Theater Troupe - Info coming soon.
This may be taken into account when judging your cosplay.

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